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If you live in Monmouthshire, or have got an opinion on the issue, we want to hear from you! What do you think of the constitutional stitch up of the early seventies? Do you want to come back into England? Are you happy you weren't even asked if you wanted to become Welsh? Email us your feedback and we’ll upload them to this page. (Note: comments may be moderated, please state which town you are living in).

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. . . . One further valid item, how many of your candidates are Monmouthshire born and bred and still reside in the county, making their living here?
H. Sivertsen Monmouthshire

[Mod's note: Your question about candidates being born and bred in Monmouthshire is an interesting one, and is not one which we can readily answer.

Have you ascertained how many of the candidates put up by other parties were born and bred etc in Monmouthshire?

Going further afield, have you ascertained how many of the candidates put up by other parties were born and bred etc in the Top-up Regions (North Wales, South Wales West etc) in which they are standing? Are you in a position to say?

One would not like to think that the English Democrats are being singled out for discriminatory treatment!

You will be aware that Andrew Davies AM, Welsh Assembly minister for enterprise, innovation and networks . . . . is Herefordshire born and bred! according to the Hereford Times. Here's a link for you:]

Having lived in Monmouthshire all my life, and my ancestors having lived here for more than two hundred years, this site would have me believe that I am English. I very much am not.I am British first and foremost, and I would call myself a proud Welshman second. I am sure that many people reading this site will be proud Englishmen (and women), and they are quite right to do so. But...the whole idea of the county of Monmouthshire being moved 'lock stock and barrel' (as stated in your official election communication) into Wales is frankly laughable. The historical border between Wales and England has always been Offa's dyke, and in the south, the River Wye. This suggests that historically at least Monmouthshire/Gwent, has always been in Wales for as long as either Wales and England have existed. What might have happened in the intervening centuries is irrelevant if you want to take a historical view of the situation. I notice your literature takes exception to the fact that the 'sparsely attended' late night debate in Westminster was not attended by any MPs that represented Monmouthshire. This seems to imply that it was all performed in some sort of covert underhand way that was meant to undermine the democratic process. Perhaps it's more a reflection of how central government with overall control in London has never really been interested in the affairs of Wales? I find it strange that a group that seems so interested in the democratic right of the people of Monmouthshire should be based in Essex? Perhaps you should try convincing people in Monmouthshire how life would be better living in England as opposed to Wales - in terms of the better standards of living, etc.; I don't read this anywhere in your literature? I am very concerned what the cost would be the tax payer if Monmouthshire were switched to England. I'm sure the Council tax would go up and various benefits (such a free prescriptions) would soon be lost.
Andrew Davies Monmouthshire


I was born in Monmouthshire and all my life I have never questioned the fact that I am English. I'm sick and tired of the false Welsh nationalism that has surged through this part England in the last few decades. Most of those who now profess to be Welsh have absolutely no Welsh blood in them. Ok they have a right to consider themselves Welsh but not to force their beliefs upon those who chose to stay loyally English. I became so sick of the situation that I moved away from Monmouthshire to the heart of England.

My mother, who feels the same as I do, informed me of your campaign - we both decided to sign the petition on the Prime Ministers website. My attempt was successful but subsequent efforts to register my mother, father & husband did not succeed. We received a message to say that an email would be sent but none arrived. So there is obviously a problem and its not with the computer as one attempt was successful. This probably accounts for the low number of signatories on the petition. I thought that you might want to be informed of this situation. How many have tried to sign up and are being blocked?

Jayne Williamsex Monmouthshire.

Please forgive the loud thump thump noises, but it's just the sound of my head hitting repeatedly against a wall after reading the myth about the former county of Monmouthshire being an English county yet again.

The notion the county wasn't in Wales is a fallacy founded upon a misinterpretation of a legal fiction.
[Moderator's note: This writer would have us believe that the Local Government Act 1933 (for example) is a fallacy based upon a legal fiction.]

Monmouthshire was treated differently to the other Welsh counties, but that did not make it part of England. For reasons of administrative and travelling convenience only, the county was placed under the Oxford judicial circuit. There were no other differences.

Historically, socially and culturally Monmouthshire was in Wales, and remained largely Welsh speaking until the 19 Century. Place names like Cwmffrwdoer, Croesyceiliog, Trevethin, Maesycymmer, Cwmbran, Pontrhydyrun, Machen, Abercarn, Blaina, Llanhileth, Penygarn, Bettws. and Llanfihangel Tor-y-Myndd are not exactly quintessentially English are they?
[No, but Whitchurch, Newgale, Simpson Cross, Haroldston West, Broad Haven, Broadway, Sutton, Thornton, Hook, Black Tar, Loveston, Camrose, Haverfordwest, Johnston et al are! We can all bandy around place names as a substitute for relevant facts.]

The English Democrats would have been wise to have visited many of the places mentioned above (and others) on March 17 this year and witnessed the army of red shirts and the sheer joy on the faces of the local population as Wales defeated England 27 - 18 at the Millennium Stadium.
[The wooden spoon will have come in handy to do a bit of needless stirring!]

Also, try telling former Pontypool and Wales rugby players Graham Price, Bobby Windsor and Charlie Faulkner they should have played for England!! They would just laugh in your faces.
The notion of Monmouthsire being English arose from the prejudices and social climbing of 19 Century English industrialists, pretending to be gentry. It a nonsense which has had its day and it's time it was laid to rest.

Darren Powis, Cwmbran, Monmouthshire

Excellent idea! to return Monmouthshire to it's right full place in England. People of Monmouthshire would be better off more ways than one, to mention one the Welsh Assembly that is a hugh cost to the rate payer at the cost of the health service and too many more to mention that I have been involved in. You can count on mine and my family's vote.
Could you please e-mail me with any rally campaign in Monmouthshire so I could attend to support you.

Chris Carter, Caldicote.

When I received my flyer in my post box I thought I was looking at some sort of practical joke, after reading it several times the horror that it is actually real sank in that a bunch of English think that they can tell us we are not Welsh. I find your suggestion utterly repugnant, Monmouthshire wasn’t undemocratically removed from the English, it wasn’t yours in the first place it was stolen from the true owners by the tyrannical English crown by force.
You clearly have forgotten that the English are a bastardisation of several European nations, you were not here from the start, so to come out and say that you have been un-democratically treated is hypocritical. May I suggest that you remember what the English have done over the centuries to us, the Scots, the Irish and 1/4 of the globe when they wanted to "make the world England", you are nothing more than war-mongering, country thieving murderers.
On a final note, I hope you lose every deposit you have paid in the up and
coming elections and the fools who have financially backed you might see
sense and pull out.
Mr S Smith

Your campaign should draw support from Newport and the existing borough of Monmouthshire but I expect you to receive little if any from the former industrial valley areas.I have for some time considered the notion of Gwent to be something of a nonsense.Being a valley person I can identify far more strongly with areas of northern Glamorgan than anyone from what used to be called the englishry.I would be happy for people who feel English to consider themselves as such , but I do not want to be consulted about this and suggest that your campaign have far greater chance of sucess if you propose the areas of Newport and the existing borough of Monmouthshire be included in your proposal and any subsequent referendum. Regards.
Andrew Rogers

I heard about your campaign by reading a leaflet that was posted through my door.The north of the old county which encompasses Blaenau Gwent is amongst the most impoverished areas in the UK. This is what people really care about.I feel should you be successful all the important political decisions still have to be addressed.I am not a member of a political party, but feel in the situation where most people have little hope for the future your issue seems rather irrelevant

I was born in Pontypool in 1936. I'm Welsh and proud of it.
The English Democrats should keep their noses out of our afairs.
If you want to find out if Monmouthshire people are Welsh or English, go to The Millennium Stadium when Wales play England in a Rugby International. You'll getslaughtered. The English Democrats have not got a snowballs chance in hell of getting on to The Welsh Assembly, so keep out. We don't want you.

D F Charles

There shouldn't be a referendum on a return to England, as there wasn't one in 1974, the relevant Acts should just be amended. The 1972 Act was an abomination that has caused people to forget their true county identities, but for our county the price was even higher.
Owain Vaughan, Newport, Monmouthshire

Excellent and noble cause. It never fails to amaze me just how arrogant our political 'servants' are.At a stroke, parts of Yorkshire were ceded to Lancashire, a huge chunk of Lancashire was handed over to the new county of Cumbria, Westmorland, Cumberland, Rutland and Huntingdon were totally wiped off the map. The county and country boundaries should go back to the pre 1974 model. If that means Monmouthshire going over to England, then so be it.
Ivan Morris, Birmingham.

I've no idea why you would want to campaign for this. Isn't it all a bit academic nowadays - especially as we're ruled from Brussels?
Tom H. The euro area formally known as Wales.

The fact that the 1972 Act of Parliament was required to transfer Monmouthshire to Wales again confirms that it was an English county - if it was already in Wales no Act would have been required.
Elwin Jones, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

Amazing. A political party wanting to consult the people - now that IS novel!
Burlington Brenda, UK.


08 January 2007
Clawing back democracy in Monmouthshire

The view of an English Democrat (Elwin Jones, born in Monmouthshre, England in 1931).


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